Male services

A modern man is a well-groomed man. Purity Spa is a clinic where every man can feel comfortable. A visit to our salon will guarantee every gentlemen excellent regeneration of both soul and body. It also ensures an attractive appearance and excellent well-being. Male skin is thicker, so it aging more slowly. Unfortunately, around the age of 40, this process accelerates and has more visible effects. Another challenge that male skin provides us with is the increased number of sebaceous glands, which in turn often leads to oily skin. Male skin also needs a proper care program matched with its problems. A stressful lifestyle and a small amount of sleep often cause swelling and bruising under the eyes, and also make the skin poorly nourished and lose its firmness.

Cleansing and regenerating treatments for the face


Exfoliating treatments with acids

RF Lifting

Needla Mesotherapy

Micro Pen

Hyaluronic acid therapy - improving the face oval and skin density

Botox - smoothing the skin and treatment of hyperhidrosis

Strengthening therapy for weak or falling hair