Plasma Pen - Fibroblast

your ally in the fight against the effects of aging

Plasma Pen is the newest beauty treatment that reduces the visibility of skin sagging, wrinkles and collagen loss. As you age, you may experience that your skin loses its shine as collagen levels decline, thereby reducing skin elasticity. It is an advanced device that non-invasively lifts, tightens and rejuvenates the skin.

Do you want to take care of your appearance and wondering how to "stop the time"? Fibroblast is one of the best solutions! Many people experience more discomfort connected to the process of aging. The excess of skin on the eyelids, makes the face look sad and the drooping corners of the eyes add age. These are the natural aging processes. Now we have a solution for this - non-surgical blepharoplasty using a device operating on the principle of generating a plasma microbe - Plasma Pen.

What is the Plasma Pen and what is the treatment mechanism?

Plasma Pen is a medical device representing the most modern achievement in aesthetic dermatology and plastic surgery. The Plasma Pen is a plasma generator that produces a controlled and targeted plasma micro beam by ionizing the gases in the air. Plasma - ionized gas containing the same amount of positive and negative charges, called the fourth (next to a solid, liquid and gas) state of matter.

Plasma is formed between the tip of the device and the skin of the patient thanks to a small arc, which in a controlled manner is able to sublimate the epidermis and contract the skin at the site of its operation, resulting in the lifting of the eyelids and the "open eye" effect.

The Plasma Pen is the only bipolar device in the world that produces a natural plasma in the form of a uniform beam, thanks to which the skin in the treated area tenses, naturally rebuilding and strengthening the tissues. The generated spark is only 0.1 mm, which makes the device extremely precise and safe.


Perfect solution for women and men

Minimal recovery time

1 - 2 treatments are enough to get desired results

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What does the Plasma Pen treatment look like?

After prior anesthesia of the patient's skin, the head of the Plasma Pen is brought closer to the skin surface - in a zigzag, line or point pattern. As a result of the voltage discharge, a spark with a crown effect is generated at a distance of approx. 2 mm between the top of the head and the skin. As the electrically conductive air is ionized, a plasma is formed which oxidizes the epidermis until it turns intensely brown.

Effects after the Plasma Pen treatment

Importantly, the Plasma Pen treatment is not associated with the risk of complications that may occur after surgical blepharoplasty and the CO2 fractional laser. Therefore, it is a great alternative! The effectiveness of this method is compared to that achieved in cosmetic surgery. The method is completely non-invasive. An indispensable advantage of the Plasma Pen is its safety: it does not damage the deeper layers of the skin, does not cause bleeding and does not involve any deep tissue interference.

How often do we need to repeat the procedure?

The eyelids are lifted once, the procedure can be repeated, but not earlier than after 4 weeks. In the vast majority of cases, 1-2 treatments are enough for the full effect. The removal of warts, and fibromas does not require repetitions and 1 treatment is enough to get rid of unwanted changes.

Advantages of the method

  • safety for eyesight
  • minimum device range
  • fast healing of the skin around the eyes
  • short recovery period
  • quick and convenient procedure
  • no tissue damage
  • performance: the result is equivalent to high-quality plastic surgery
  • does not exclude patients from daily activities
  • does not cause inflammation of the surrounding tissue
  • allows you to perform the eyelid correction procedure while maintaining full eyelid mobility during and after the procedure (the operator may ask the patient to close and open the eyes and observe the effects "live")

Indications for the Plasma Pen treatment

  • non-invasive blepharoplasty
  • removal of birthmarks, warts, fibromas, moles, hemangiomas, corns and others
  • plastic of pre-ear wrinkles
  • plasty smoker wrinkles
  • other wrinkles, eg around the eyes
  • lifting of the neck, cleavage
  • chin lift
  • pigment changes (discoloration, lentil stains)
  • active acne treatment
  • acne scars, postoperative scars
  • stretch marks
  • lifting buttocks, breasts
  • body area with marked excess skin (elbows, knees)
  • hyperkeratosis of the epidermis

What does the skin look like after the treatment and how to take care for it?

  • swelling and small scabs disappear after 4-8 days for lifting the eyelids, 1-2 days for removing warts, and fibromas
  • after treatment, to accelerate healing, we recommend using moisturizing ointments that accelerate healing
  • while the skin is healing, try not to touch the skin and do not apply makeup
  • we avoid the sauna, solarium and sun for up to 3 weeks after the treatment

Contraindications to the procedure

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • pacemaker
  • inflammation at the site of the procedure
  • presence of metal joint prostheses in the body
  • epilepsy