Hydrogen cleansing combines technologies of non-invasive cleansing of the face, as well as introducing active nutrients into the skin. Hydrogen H2 is the smallest element which, thanks to its low mass, is able to penetrate deep into the skin structure down to the cellular level. The hydrafacial near me treatment combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection, making the skin cleaner and more beautiful.

About the treatment

A non-laser and non-abrasive treatment, HydrafacialMD eliminates dead skin cells, hydrates the skin, and illuminates the pores. The hydrafacial near me treatment produces visible and tangible outcomes that are both immediate and durable. You will observe enhanced hydration, diminished dark spots, and a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with continued treatments. After a single treatment, numerous patients report visible skin refining and an even, radiant complexion.

The process of hydrogen purification comprises four distinct stages at our spa, Purity Spa:

  • Hydrogen exfoliation for purification
  • Novel hydrogen treatment
  • The application of hyaluronic acid in electroporation to hydrate and revitalize the epidermis.
  • Utilize suitable ingredients in a massage to hydrate with a masque.


Perfect treatment
for women and men

Recovery time: none

30 - 60 minutes session duration

Price: $150

Prerequisites For The Intervention

Hydrafacial near me is a procedure with quite a wide range of applications, recommended for both women and men. It can even be used on acne, sensitive or vascular skin. It is especially recommended for:

  • signs of premature aging
  • gray and tired skin with uneven color,
  • excessive sebum production to regulate this process,
  • acne, blackheads and enlarged pores,
  • very sensitive, overactive skin prone to inflammation

As Contraindications For The Operation

An additional benefit of hydrogen skin cleansing is its non-invasive nature, absence of adverse effects, and extremely limited range of potential contraindications. It is also feasible to perform hydrogen purification of the face while pregnant or lactating. Specific contraindications consist of the following:

  • Active skin conditions,
  • Chronic diseases, including pathological conditions such as diabetes, cancer, and epilepsy,
  • Pacing device,
  • Surgical metal implants,
  • Hypersensitivity to currents of electricity

Durability And Security Of The Procedure

Hydrafacial near me integrates non-invasive facial cleansing technologies with the delivery of active nutrients to the epidermis. Hydrogen H2, being the smallest element, is capable of penetrating deeply into the epidermis structure, down to the cellular level, due to its extremely low mass. One of notable physiological effects of hydrafacial near me is the elimination of free radicals, which are principally accountable for the aging phenomenon. Active hydrogen is incorporated into a stream of water that, under pressure, cleanses the capillaries and epidermis of the face. Deeply penetrates and passes through them without neutralizing free radicals, while providing a soothing massage sensation.