Skin Tag & Mole Remover


The device treats a wide range of minor skin abnormalities quickly and effectively. Radio technology, high frequency. A non-invasive and precise treatment with immediate results.

Removal of skin lesions with the Skin Tag & Mole Remover

Device enables minimally invasive procedures to remove skin lesions. It is a non-surgical, sterile and skin-friendly method. Skin Tag & Mole Remover acts locally on a blood vessel or dermatological lesion without affecting the surrounding vessels and tissues.

A modern device, using radio waves, effectively closes blood vessels and removes dermatological abnormalities. The procedure is short and does not require inserting a needle or using anesthesia. The use of radio waves ensures high precision, and thanks to the control of emission regulation, the method guarantees the highest safety standards.

Contrary to standard methods (laser, liquid nitrogen, scalpel), device has a spot effect on a vessel or other lesion without affecting the surrounding tissues and vessels. The method has been approved by the FDA.

The so-called radiothermolysis of skin lesions removes unsightly changes and blood vessels in an extremely effective and precise way. Non-invasive microsurgery in the service of beauty. The treatment allows for:

  • closing blood vessels
  • removal of fibroids, warts, milia, atheromas
  • drying of purulent acne spots.

perfect for women and men

One treatment is enough without the need to repeat it

Short treatment duration and immediate effect

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What is the Skin Tag & Mole Removeing treatment?

After assessing the skin lesions to be removed, the cosmetologist applies an electrode for 2-5 seconds, which precisely hits the treatment site. The electrocoagulation process takes place, removing unwanted changes.

In most cases one treatment is enough without the need to repeat the treatment and the effects are visible immediately. Thanks to the use of radio waves, the needle of the device does not heat up, which eliminates the possibility of skin burns. The procedure does not require the use of anesthesia, and the patient's sensations can be compared to a quick pinch.

The treatment is performed on cleansed skin and can be combined with other skin care treatments.

Thanks to the Skin Tag & Mole Removing treatments, we can obtain a package of specific effects:

  • Closing blood vessels, small telangiectasias (cobwebs)
  • Closing Spider Naevi - stellate hemangioma (spider nevus)
  • Closure of cherry angioma (Campbell de Morgan spots)
  • Removal of fibromas, flat warts
  • Removal of milks and porridges
  • Drying of purulent acne spots
  • Unblocking pores


Fibromass, warts and broken blood vessels are harmless from a health point of view changes, but they do not add charm to anyone. They can be located anywhere on the body, but those on the face are perceived as particularly bothersome.

Contemporary cosmetology and cosmetic dermatology are great at dealing with changes of this type. Skin Tag & Mole Removing device is the best proof that the new technological solution is available to everyone today.

This American device allows you to get a non-invasive microsurgery of skin lesions. Thanks to it, removing atheromas and warts has become much easier and safer. It is also used to close the vessels, thanks to which you can get rid of single red dots, or you can eliminate spider veins.

The device works with all skin types, from fair skin tones to darker skin tones, starting with Fitzpatrick skin types I-VI, in all ethnicities.



How does Skin Tag & Mole Remover work?

  • This device uses radio wave technology
  • The energy conducted by the needle electrode attracts fluids to the surface of the skin or within skin irregularities
  • The treatments involve applying the electrode to the treatment site - then the effect of thermocoagulation (e.g. blood vessels) or thermolysis - evaporation of skin irregularities (e.g. purulent acne spots)
  • During the procedure, the fluids in the tissue become dry
  • An important advantage that distinguishes device from other devices is the fact that the electrodes do not get hot, so there is no chance for burns
  • The device works precisely where the electrode is applied and its effects are immediately visible

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