Chemical Peels

Bring back the skin's natural brightness with our chemical peels near me! Only utilize professional and potent chemical peels exfoliating mixes in your workplace. Chemical peels near me make it possible to effectively remove keratinized epidermis, which brightens, reduces pores, and visibly rejuvenates the skin. At Purity Spa we utilize powerful formulae with moderate acids that don't produce a lot of exfoliation; after a few days, the exfoliation is noticeable. Smooth, glowing skin is the final result! New elastin and collagen fibers are formed. The skin is noticeably nourished and oxygenated as an outcome of the intense stimulation of the skin's metabolism. Chemical peels near me  are recommended to get 4-6 treatments every 10–14 days at any spa near me.

40 minutes

VITA BRITE REFRESHER - Lira Chemical Peels

This special all-season treatment mixes many acids, vitamin C, and mastiha. For customers who are new to using brightening formulas, chemical peels or who necessitate immediate outcomes without any downtime, this recipe is ideal. This is a technique only available via Lira Clinical. Important Ingredients: mix of mandelic acid, vitamin C, and mastiha Strong tightening, moisturizing, and lightening Safe for customers who aren't primed, excellent starter chemical peel.


GREEN POWER - Lira Chemical Peels

To achieve the appropriate skin depth, you may use this mechanical exfoliator in conjunction with Lira Clinical's BIO Enzyme Cleanser and BIO Hydrating Mineral Masque resurfacing treatments. A special combination of botanicals is applied to dull and sagging skin to get the best possible tightening impact.Enhances the turnover of healthy cells to strengthen the matrix of collagen and elastin, botanical suppressors of melanin, calming and restorative effects makes use of plant stem cell technologies.
Important Ingredients: Badiaga: MASQ-techTM Spongia Officinalis Argan Stem Cells for Plants Stem Cells from Sea Fennel Plants Lilac Stem Cells for Plants



This innovative therapy tackles a number of skin issues, such as aging, acne, and photodamage.Increases the synthesis of elastin and collagen. enhances the texture of the skin and lessens the visibility of fine wrinkles. infused with colloidal silver, gold, and plant stems as well as green tea.



The components of succinic, azelaic, tranexamic, and AHA acids work together to promote cellular respiration and metabolism. It functions as a potent energy component that speeds up the synthesis of ATP. They also possess antioxidant and restorative qualities.



Azelac acids regulate sebum production, they normalise keratonization and minimize reproduction of bacteria. Azelac inhibits the proliferation of reactive oxygen type and regulates pigmentation.

60 minutes

PUMPKIN PLUS DEFINER - Lira Chemical Peels

Pumpkin enzymes that have been specially prepared include antioxidants, pomegranate, mango, and retinol. This chemical peels near me treatment is perfect for all skin types because of its flexible pulp delivery mechanism. Combination of stem cell lift mask with GLOW Beauty ampoules for treatment.


LACTIC CLEAR DEFINER - Lira Chemical Peels

For skin that is pigmented, sun-damaged, and dehydrated, these chemical peels are the best option since it is combined with an organic melanin suppressor, hyaluronic acid, green tea, and echinacea. Antioxidant-infused skin will feel and look renewed. Effective for skin that is sun-damaged, dry, and pigmented.

50 minutes

HYDROXY 30 - Lira Chemical Peels

Lighten and exfoliate the outermost layers of skin to restore and calm. For optimal resurfacing outcomes, this anti-aging alpha-hydroxy blended peel uses dosages of retinol to repair skin. An excellent therapy for wrinkles and pigmentation, fibroblast promoting age prevention procedure, and a combination of AHA and retinol.


DNA Recovery Peel

This peel helps to prevent and treat wrinkles, fine lines, and skin damage from the sun. Enough of a gentleness to suit all skin types. In two days, you may see the results. Its antioxidant qualities are what define it. With its ability to shield the skin from UVA and UVB rays, it helps to reduce sun damage and safeguards cellular DNA. minimizes erythema and inflammation in the skin brought on by oxidative activities. regulates tyrosinanse activity, avoiding and eliminating undesired pigmentation.


SAL PULP DEFINER - Lira Chemical Peels

With the help of salicylic, this pulp with a tropical taste raises the adaptability of your peel. Your exfoliator is boosted by a natural pulp, which enables a massage-enhanced delivery mechanism. For precise wound management, this peptide-laden peel filled with antioxidants may also be layered. This treatment is ideal for resistant, pigmented, or acne-prone skin since it contains retinol. treats different levels of acne and helps mature skin types avoid becoming older. Delivery method accommodates skin types with dual-peeling technique
Important Ingredients: Salicylic Acid, Retinol, Passionfruit, Lime, Blackberry, and Mango Pulp, Edelweiss Plant Stem Cells


$120 - 90 minutes

Ormedic Lift

A method of exfoliation that makes use of certain plant enzymes. 30% pumpkin pulp and 15% papaya, pineapple, and passion fruit make up the organic complex. In addition, the product contains ubiquinone and green tea extract, two very potent antioxidants, together with light comfrey cells. Its composition fortifies the skin and shields its structures from the damaging impacts of free radicals. It aids in moisturizing the skin, promotes skin regeneration, and increases epidermal cell renewal.

  • Even skin tone and discernible lighting
  • A decrease in acne lesions
  • A rise in skin moisture
  • Observable skin smoothing



30% glycolic acid, retinol, and plant stem cells are used in this exfoliating therapy. Because of the form it is arranged, glycolic acid is able to deeply enter the stratum corneum, improving the absorption of active ingredients like retinol and facilitating more efficient exfoliation. Peeling contains vitamin A, which acts at the dermal level by activating fibroblasts and resuming the skin's disrupted regeneration processes.
Ideal for: skin that is aging in all directions, has an uneven structure, is discolored, or is dry, rough, greasy, and has blackheads.


Lightening Lift

A procedure for exfoliating intended to lower discolouration and pigmentation. The 30% solution of lactic acid, plant cells, and lightening agents is the foundation of the peeling recipe. They prevent overproduction of melanin. In a concoction of lightening agents, lactic and kojic acid efficiently minimize any discoloration, revive the color and hydrate.

Acne Lift

A 20% solution of glycolic acid and salicylic acid combined with Lalika common plant cells, which aids to cure acne by lowering redness, discolouration, and seborrhea. In addition to its keratolic effects, salicylic acid also lessens oil gland hyperactivity. Glycolic acid facilitates the skin's mechanical washing process.
Ideal for: greasy, oily skin with symptoms of age and acne issues.


Perfection Anti-Aging Lift

A special mix of retinol, alpha and beta hydroxy acids, corrective peptides, and plant cells together with powerful antioxidants. a cutting-edge remedy that mixes control, antioxidant protection, exfoliation, and cell renewal stimulation. The formula effectively fights advanced pigmentation changes, acne, and aging indications of the skin.
Ideal for skin with acne, an accelerated aging process, irregular pigmentation, and an uneven, post-inflammatory epidermal surface.For best results, we advise 4-6 sessions.



Acid medication for acne. Skin with moderate to severe acne may be promptly and successfully improved with a powerful treatment utilizing pure salicylic acid. The skin of those with disruptive acne is definitely better after a 24-hour salicylic acid therapy. Peeling ensures that the skin is neutralized and appears smooth.
Ideal for: greasy skin, and purulent acne on classes III and IV skin.


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Tranexamic acid has the ability to depigment skin. It restricts melanocyte development and proliferation because it prevents the plasmin/plasminogen system from forming. Furthermore, it restricts the formation of proteoglycans. Ideal for skin with rosacea and veins. It is gentle, reduces skin irritation, and has an anti-itching quality.

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Retinaldehyde is the precursor of retinoic acids with biological impact on the skin with way less side effects. This is an efficient active agent for chrono and photo aging, as it increases the thickness of the epidermis and the cutaneous elasticity. It has anti-inflamatory properties, reducing levels of prostaglandins and interleukins and, differently from other retinoids (as retinil) has antibacterial properties, that work against the bacteria such as P. Acnes, which makes it very useful in acne treatments.

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A practical and useful fix for a range of problems. This family of chemical peels (K, KH, R, J, J2, G) obtains its name from Jessner's Solution Formula. They are made utilizing a hydroalcoholic basis and include a blend of salicylic, citric, and lactic hydroxy acids.

MANDELAC - Mediderma

Mandelac is a line of products formulated with Mandelic acid, speciallu recommended for sensitive skin or skin that is intolerant for other Hydroxy Acids (AHAs). It is also known as Amygdalic acid or 2-phenylglyoxylic acid, and it is an AHA derived from hydrolysis or bitter almond extract. It is suitable for sensitive skin, since its large molecule size slows down penertation through the stratum corneum, withiut causing itching or irritation.

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NOMELAN FENOL: Light, Medium, Forte

This product line aims to maintain stratum corneum thickness while promoting dermopidemal cell turnover. Amazing results in only 7 days! lustrous, renewed skin that is uniformly colored and textured.

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One of the retinoid precursors of retinoic acids is retinol. It normalizes keratinization, quickens mitosis, and boosts enzymatic activity. It nourishes the skin, prevents wrinkles from forming, lessens their depth, and makes the skin more supple.

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Rejuvenate and Renew: The Advantages of Chemical Peels

Youthful Glow

Indulge in the rejuvenating effects of chemical peels, fostering cell turnover to unveil a fresh, youthful complexion. Bid farewell to fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes as your skin radiates with a revitalized glow.

Balanced Complexion

Tackle pigmentation concerns like sunspots and age spots with chemical peels, promoting an even skin tone. The exfoliating properties work to diminish discoloration, resulting in a more harmonious and uniform complexion.

Combat Acne and Blemishes

Take control of acne and blemishes as chemical peels target pores and excess oil. This effective treatment not only addresses current breakouts but also acts as a preventive measure, leaving your skin visibly clearer and smoother.

Revitalize Collagen

Trigger collagen production through chemical peels, boosting skin elasticity and firmness. This natural protein lends a plump and youthful appearance, diminishing the signs of sagging skin for a more resilient complexion.

Tailored Treatments

Embrace the versatility of chemical peels with varying strengths, allowing for customized treatment plans that cater to individual skin concerns. Whether opting for a mild refresh or a more intensive resurfacing, chemical peels offer flexibility to address a spectrum of skincare needs.

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